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is an international and multidisciplinary research and review journal, published by

Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Society in January and July of each year. Original research papers or review articles are accepted on the understanding that they are subject to editorial revision, that their contents have not been published elsewhere and that in consideration of acceptance of a text for publication the copyright of the said text is assigned to the Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Journal.



Manuscripts for publication and communications or concerning editorial matters should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief through Email: bpjeditor@ A copy of the same should also be sent to the Executive Editor through e-mail: bpjexecutiveeditor


Preparation of Text

Authors should consult a CURRENT issue of the journal and conform to the typographical conventions, use of headings, layout of tables and citation of references. Texts must be computer composed (MS office programs should be used in preparing the texts, charts and graphs) in double spacing and printed in one side of A4 size offset paper, with a minimum margin of 1 inch on all sides. Two sets of hard copies should be submitted along with soft copy in CD. The articles may also be sent through E-mail to the Editor-in-Chief or to the Executive Editor. The name(s) of the contributor(s), affiliation of the laboratory where the work was done and a shortened title should accompany the typescript. A summary page should be included, describing results and conclusions in the form of ABSTRACT suitable for use as such by the abstracting journals. It should not exceed 250 words. A list of 3-6 Keywords should be supplied by the authors.



All citations in the text must appear in the References list and vice versa. In the text, the reference should appear as either: Ghani (1984) described, or As described previously (Ghani, 1984). When there are more than two authors, mention only the first author, e.g. Ghani et al., 1984. If the year is same for several references identify these with a,b,c, etc. e.g. Ghani (1975a,b,c) both in the text and in the Reference list. In the Reference list, arrange the references in alphabetical order. References should follow the format shown: Khan, S., Jabbar, A., Hasan, C.M. and Rashid, M.A. 2000. Nasimaluns A and B: neo-clerodane diterpenoids from

Barringtonia racemosa. J. Nat. Prod. 63, 410-411. Rashid, M.A., Gustafson, K.R., Crouch, R.C., Groweiss, A., Pannell, L.K., Van, Q.N. and Boyd, M.R. 2002. Application of high-field NMR and cryogenic probe technologies in the structure elucidation of poecillastrin A, a new antitumor macrolide lactam from the sponge Poecillastra species. Org. Lett. 4, 3293-3296. Mabry, T., Markham, K.R. and Thomas, M.B. 1971. The Systematic Identification of Flavonoids. Springer Verlag, New York, p. 43. Harborne, J.B. 1983. In: Chemistry and Chemical Taxonomy of the Rutales (Waterman, P.G. and Grundon, M.F., Eds.), Academic Press, London, Chapter 2, pp. 147-173. Hasan, C.M. 1982. Phytochemical studies on some African Annonaceae. Ph. D. Thesis, University of Strathclyde, U.K., p. 35.



Abbreviations are used without periods. Standard abbreviations should be used throughout the manuscript. The preferred forms of some of the more commonly used abbreviations are mp, bp, °C, K, s, min, h, ml, μl, kg, g, mg, μg, cm, mm, nm, mol, mmol, μmol, ppm, TLC, GC, NMR, MS, UV, IR, etc.


Tables should be typed in appropriate places in the text and numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals (e.g. 1, 2, 3).

Their headings should briefly describe their contents.


Graphs and Photographs

All graphs and charts should be made with either MS Excel or Harvard Graphics software along with title and legends.

Photographs, either coloured or black & white should be developed on glossy paper. Title and legends of the photographs should be typed at the end of the manuscript. The photographs should also be marked at the back with figures number and title of the paper. If the author scans a photograph, the preferable file formats are Adobe photoshops, JPEG, PSD, BMP. The resolution should not be less than 200 and the size of the photographs should be at least double.


Proofs and Reprints

Galley proofs will be sent to the corresponding author, which s/he is requested to correct and return as soon as possible. No new matter be inserted in the text and no changes be made in the title or author name(s) at the time of proof reading.

Corresponding author will receive 10 reprints free of charge.



All authors are requested to sign a declaration that the work described in the manuscript was carried out by them and the contents of the paper have not been published before or submitted elsewhere for publication. When the number of authors/co-authors is more than one, the corresponding author is required to mention the exact contribution of each co-author and also indicate his/her percentage of contribution.


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