Volume 24, No. 02, July 2021

Assessment of Interactions of Drugs Prescribed for Pediatric Patients in Bangladesh
Free Radical Scavenging, Membrane Stabilizing and Thrombolytic Potentials of the Leaves of Quisqualis indica (L.)
Studies of Physico-chemical Properties and Cytotoxicity of Fruits of Syzygium jambos L. against HeLa and Vero Cell Lines
Phytochemical Screening and In vivo Analgesic Activity of Ampelocissus barbata (Wall.) Planch.
Computer-aided Approaches to Support the Ethnopharmacological Importance of Dillenia pentagyna Roxb.: An In silico Study
Formulation and Evaluation of Fixed-Dose Combination Immediate Release Tablets of Ibuprofen and Famotidine through Quality by Design Approach
In vitro and In vivo Investigations Provide New Insights into Bioactivities of Blumea clarkei Hook.f. Leaves
Knowledge, Attitude, Perception of Biological Science and Healthcare Professional Students to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Health Belief and Practice in Southeastern Region of Bangladesh: A Comparative Study
Formulation and Evaluation of Effects of Superdisintegrants on Immediate Release Tablet of Linagliptin, a DPP-4 Inhibitor
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