Volume 22, No. 2, July 2019

Design of Experiment (DoE) Approach to Prepare, Characterize and Optimize the Gastroretentive Mucoadhesive Microspheres of Repaglinide
Isolation and Characterization of Malasezzia Species from Dandruff Samples and Determination of its Sensitivity Towards Antifugal Agents
Formulation and In-vitro Evaluation of Bilayer Tablets of Atenolol and Amlodipine
Preparation and In-vitro Characterization of Gastroretentive Floating Tablets of Domperidone
In vivo Anti-diarrheal and CNS Depressant Activities of Hemigraphis hirta (Vahl) T. Anders.
Boehmeria glomerulifera Miq. Exhibits in vivo Antidepressant and Antidiarrheal Activities
Antidepressant and Sedative-hypnotic Activities of Methanolic Extract of Grewia asiatica Linn. Leaves in Mice
Antidiarrheal Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Melochia corchorifolia L. and Glochidion thomsonii in Experimental Animal Models
Evaluation of Bioactivities of Gouania tiliaefolia Lam., an Indigenous Traditional Medicinal Plant of Bangladesh
Leaves of Clerodendrum wallichi Merr. Exhibit Analgesic, Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities
Analgesic, Anti-diarrheal, CNS-depressant, Membrane Stabilizing and Cytotoxic Activities of Canavalia virosa (Roxb.) W&A
Studies of Biological Activities of the Roots of Bombax ceiba L.
Preparation and Evaluation of Palonosetron Hydrochloride Oral Thin Film
A Mini Review on the Chemical Compounds of the Genus Acacia
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