Volume 19 No. 2, July, 2016

f-1. preparation and evaluation of ornidazole periodontal films
f-2. antioxidant and membrane stabilizing activities of bark of sonneratia apetala
f-3. formulation and optimization of carbamazepine microspheres by 2 factor 2 level central composite design
f-4. cytotoxic membrane stabilizing and anti-diarrheal activities of bambusa bambos linn
f-5. flavonoid and steroids from polygonum viscosum
f-6. computational study of geometry ir spectrum and molecular properties of acetanilide
f-7. prevalence and risk factors of obesity and hypertension among university students in rajshahi city bangladesh
f-8. in vitro membrane stabilizing and in vivo analgesic activities of boehmeria glomerulifera miq. in swiss-albino mice
f-9. prevention of cap-locking of syrup product by treating the manufacturing process of sugar syrup with citric acid monohydrate
f-10. study of interaction of dextromethorphan hydrobromide with deoxyribonucleic acid by fluorescence quenching
f-11. detection of escherichia coli in drinking water sources of filter units and supply water
f-12. synthesis characterization and antimicrobial studies of schiff base ligand-derived from amoxicillin and benzaldehyde
f-13. analgesic and antidiarrheal activities of leaf of podocarpus neriifolius d. don
f-14. release modification of indomethacin controlled release press coated tablets
f-15. evaluation of thrombolytic membrane stabilizing antidiarrhoeal and analgesic activities of leaves of triumfetta pilosa
f-16. chemical and biological investigations of leaves of abroma augusta linn
f-17. constituents of erythrina - a potential source of secondary metabolities a review
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