Volume 17 No. 2 July 2014

02. Comparative Evaluation of Solanum tuberosum L. and Manihot esculenta Starch as Pharmaceutical Excipients: Assessment by Preformulation Studies
03. Pharmacological Activities of Grevillea robusta, a Medicinal Plant of Bangladesh
04. Antidiabetic Activity of Lupeol and Lupeol Esters in StreptozotocinInduced Diabetic Rats
06. In vitro Insecticidal and Time-Kill Profile of Ethyl Acetate Extract of Marine Streptomyces sp. Isolated from Sundarbans, Bangladesh
07. Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Studies of the Mixed Ligand Complexes of Pd(II) and Pt(II) Ions with Phthalic Acid and Heterocyclic Amines
08. Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies of Adsorption of Aqueous Crystal Violet by Peanut Shells
09. In vitro Thrombolytic and Membrane Stabilizing Studies of Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis (L.) Hanelt
10. Preliminary Free Radical Scavenging, Brine Shrimp Lethality, Antimicrobial and Thrombolytic Activities of Aganosma dichotoma (Roth) K. Schum.
11. Pharmacological Activities of Senna obtusifolia Linn.: A Medicinal Plant of Bangladesh
13. Synthesis of Some Chitosan Derivatives and Their Iron (II) Adsorption Behavior- a Class of Pharmaceutically Important Biosorbents
14. In vitro Cytotoxic, Membrane Stabilizing and Thrombolytic Activities of Polygonum glabrum Willd
15. Ethnomedicinal Survey of Plants in the Southern District Noakhali, Bangladesh
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